In keeping with the Sinox Ocean Series tradition, the single-eye Padeye has a strong body as well as a heat-resistant silicone pad.
The Ocean Padeye follows the Sinox Ocean Tradition, the single-eye Padeye has a strong body as well as a reliable, easy-to-use as well as aesthetic.
The Sinox Ocean padeye has a silicone pad under the eye that holds the eye where it is needed and eliminates any rattles. This pad can withstand temperatures to 200 degrees Celsius. The eye can be opened up for attaching lines/blocks or folded down flush to avoid foot injuries and to reduce the chance of a line getting snagged.
The surface of the Sinox Ocean Padeye has been treated by passivity (removal of surface iron and iron compounds by dissolution) to ensure long, corrosion-free life, proved by salt spray testing.
Casting material
Ocean Padeye
AISI 316
DIN 1.4408
Standard safety factor for working load is 1/4 of breaking load.

The tensile test graph for Ocean Padeye below illustrates the breaking load for the different sizes. In addition to these graph, this test measures the difference in ductility between the two elements by using size of body against breaking load (kg). The test was performend using randomly selected samples from the production line and performed at 25degrees Celsius and 50% humility.

Source : Tested from actual samples of Ocean Padeye Kinzi testing lab in May, 2006

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