In keeping with the Sinox Ocean Series tradition, the OM turnbuckle has a strong body and a both threaded and welded bronze insert to ensure problem-free operation.
The newest addition to our concept is the Ocean Master turnbuckles. Double threaded welding provides maximum strength by combining cost effectiveness of precision casting for external fork with rigid threaded bar for strength. Anti-Jamming bronze insert provides ultimate resistance incurred during turning of thread under loads with the avoidance of high tension jamming. Rigid open freame design provides the confidence Ocean Master sailor need to avoid sand and oil build up in a closed body design.
Casting material
Breaking Load
Ocean Master (body)
AISI 316
DIN 1.4408
Standard safety factor for working load is 1/4 of breaking load.
The tensile test graph for Ocean Master below illustrates the relationship of breaking load for the body in different sizes. In addition to this graph, this test measurest the difference in ductility between the two elements by using size of body against breaking load (kg). The test is performed using random selected samples from manufacturing line and performed under 25 degrees and 50% humility conditions.
Source : Tested from actual samples of Ocean Master (body) in Kinzi testing lab in October, 2005

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