Focusing on a good design but never forgetting the aesthetics. With a smooth highly polished finish and precise pin setting the Ocean Snap is a pleasure to use.
Adding to the range of the Ocean Series
is the Ocean Snap, coming in 4 Sizes,
From its concept, precision engineering
and aesthetics were both important.
The design of the Ocean Snap puts
the entire load on the frame, allowing
the pin to be free for maximum operation
performance. This fine tuning in the
design brings all the load off the pin.
Like the OP Hook, the design of the Ocean Snap gives it more strength. With the load distributed evenly on both halves of the frame it is not only strong but easy to use when under load. A new geometry for a frame was born.
In addition to the frame disign, the swivel design is important for trouble- free use. The fine tuning of this swivel makes it
highly friction-free for maximum performance
Casting material
Ocean Snap
AISI 316
DIN 1.4408
The Standard safety factor for working load is 1/4 of breaking load.
The tensile test graph for the Ocean Snap below illustrates the breaking load of each of the different sizes. In addition to these graphs, this test measures the difference in difference in dyctukuty between the two elements by using size of body against breaking load (kg). The test was performed using randomly selected samples from the production line and performend at 25 degrees Celsius and 50% humidity.
Source : Tested from actual samples of Ocean Snapin Kinzi testing lab in March, 2006

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